EDDIE Cut-out Image Service

This service is intended for the generation of high resolution astronomical images, given a field-of-view (FoV), a HiPS map and a specific projection. The output image format is configurable, as well as the zoom level (HealPix nOrder) and the size of the output images.

To extract your image, start by defining the desired area in the Aladin widget: You have to enter the name or coordinates of your object and adjust the zoom level. Then click on "Get Aladin FoV" to retrieve the right ascension (RA), declination (Dec), FoV size and aspect ratio of the image. Next, choose a sky map from the HiPS menu. The size of the output image can also be customised via the "Image Size" text box. Click on "Refresh image" and then on "Open image in new tab" to display the real cut-out generated image.

Additional support for selecting the cut-out area or "polygon" is available through the "Input Area" selector.

Enjoy it!

Access to the full service documentation here.

Generated image:

Generation options:

Note: If you want to use the generated image in other web pages, please use the "Save image" feature of your browser instead of the service URL, to avoid generating the image each time that a user accesses your web page.